Microsoft Teams Premium is a new offering that builds on the comprehensive collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. It is designed to make every meeting, whether it is online, virtual, private, or large, more personal, intelligent and secure. The new product is a comprehensive solution that combines all the advanced meeting features into one package, offering more significant value for businesses that require secure and intelligent collaboration features.


One of the standout features of Teams Premium is the Meeting guides, which allow for easy and quick automation of set-up for every kind of meeting. This feature enables IT departments to customize and manage the guide, ensuring that each meeting is more relevant and productive. A custom-branded meeting lobby also ensures that every virtual meeting is consistent with a company's brand, showcasing professionalism and keeping virtual contacts distinct and easily recognizable.

. Due to the increasing need for virtual meetings, Teams Premium offers an AI-driven meeting recording feature with an automatic summary that captures critical points and insights discussed in the meeting. This feature optimizes virtual meetings by identifying and suggesting tasks and owners during a meeting. After the meeting, the AI-generated transcripts and insights make it easier to review the sessions, especially in situations where circumstances like time constraints may have hindered members' comprehension. Microsoft has also included an AI-driven live transcription and translation feature, which, with its 40 supported languages, takes virtual meetings to a new level.

For companies worried about privacy and sensitive data leaks, Teams Premium provides advanced meeting security options, like adding watermarks to restrict conversation, and only allowing specific attendees to record the meeting sessions. To further bolster privacy measures, Microsoft 365 E5 customers with advanced security requirements can leverage existing sensitivity labels in Microsoft Purview Information Protection to automate and apply relevant meeting options. After compliance administers configure sensitivity labels in Security and Compliance settings, Teams Premium takes it from there.

KFN Media offers Microsoft Teams Premier license sales with an emphasis on providing cloud solutions from over 500 vendors. KFN Media also offers monthly or yearly leasing options for the Teams Premium licenses, ensuring that companies only pay for what they use.

In summary, Microsoft Teams Premium is the ultimate secure and personalized intelligent collaboration service for companies with remote collaboration needs. The Meeting guides automate the set-up process, and the custom-branded meeting lobby ensures consistent professionalism. The AI-driven meeting recording feature and automatic summaries capture all critical points and insights discussed. The privacy features and AI-driven Live transcription and translation feature take virtual meetings to the next level.

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